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Quality Management for Organizational Excellence David Goetsch / Stanley Davis 9781292022338

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TITLE : Quality Management for Organizational Excellence : Introduction to Total Quality David Goetsch / Stanley Davis

ISBN13 : 9781292022338




For all courses in quality management, quality engineering, quality technology, and continuous process improvement, in universities, colleges, community colleges, and corporate environments. This practical, student-focused text shows how to focus all of an organization's resources on continuous and simultaneous improvement of quality and productivity - thereby continually improving both performance and competitiveness. It coherently addresses all elements of quality management, including Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and many topics that competitive books overlook (e.g., peak performance, partnering, manufacturing networks, culture, and crucial "people" aspects of quality). Direct and straightforward, it links "big picture" theories and principles to detailed real-world strategies and techniques. Throughout, critical thinking activities, discussion assignments, and research links promote deeper thinking and further exploration. This edition adds all-new cases, plus new information on topics ranging from supervision to certification, QFD and SPC to benchmarking and JIT.

Table of contents

1. The Total Quality Approach to Quality Management: Achieving Organizational Excellence 
2. Quality and Global Competitiveness 
3. Quality Management, Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility 
4. Quality Culture: Changing Hearts, Minds, and Attitudes 
5. Strategic Management: Planning and Execution for Competitive Advantage 
6. Partnering and Strategic Alliances 
7. Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Loyalty 
8. Employee Empowerment 
9. Leadership and Change 
10. Team Building and Teamwork 
11. Effective Communication 
12. Education and Training 
13. Overcoming Politics, Negativity, and Conflict in the Workplace