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9781266271113  Puchasing and Supply Management Johnson 17th ISE

Purchasing and Supply Management 17th ISE Fraser Johnson 9781266271113

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TITLE : Purchasing and Supply Management Fraser Johnson

ISBN13 :  9781266271113




The Seventeenth Edition of Purchasing and Supply Management provides a comprehensive introduction to the purchasing and supply chain management field, supported by over 45 case studies. Cases cover purchasing and supply chain issues in a variety of settings, from process industries to high tech manufacturing and services as well as public institutions.
The text focuses on decision making throughout the supply chain. Based on the conviction that supply managers, in concert with suppliers and distributors, have to contribute to organizational goals and strategies, this edition continues to focus on how to make that mission a reality.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Purchasing and Supply Management 
Chapter 2: Supply Strategy 
Chapter 3: Supply Organization 
Chapter 4: Supply Processes and Technology 
Chapter 5: Make or Buy, Insourcing, and Outsourcing 
Chapter 6: Need Identification and Specification 
Chapter 7: Quality 
Chapter 8: Quantity and Inventory 
Chapter 9: Delivery 
Chapter 10: Price 
Chapter 11: Cost Management 
Chapter 12: Supplier Selection 
Chapter 13: Supplier Evaluation and Supplier Relationships 
Chapter 14: Global Supply Management 
Chapter 15: Legal and Ethics 
Chapter 16: Other Supply Responsibilities 
Chapter 17: Supply Function Evaluation and Trends