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Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy Robert Bauman 5th GE 9781292160764

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TITLE : Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy Robert Bauman 

ISBN13 : 9781292160764 




For courses in introductory microbiology.
Invest in your future: Microbiology Matters.
Known for its unique and effective art program, conversational writing style, and author-created Video Tutors, the 5th Edition of Robert Bauman's Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy consistently emphasises why microbiology matters, especially in health care. The text provides a mobile-friendly, multimedia learning experience, from new in-text Disease in Depth visual explorations to interactive tutorials. In text QR codes allow instant access to an expanded collection of videos, including 15 new Video Tutors and 6 new Micro Matters animated video cases.

Table of contents

1. A Brief History of Microbiology

2. The Chemistry of Microbiology

3. Cell Structure and Function

4. Microscopy, Staining, and Classification

5. Microbial Metabolism

6. Microbial Nutrition and Growth

7. Microbial Genetics

8. Recombinant DNA Technology

9. Controlling Microbial Growth in the Environment

10. Controlling Microbial Growth in the Body: Antimicrobial Drugs

11. Characterizing and Classifying Prokaryotes

12. Characterizing and Classifying Eukaryotes

13. Characterizing and Classifying Viruses, Viroids, and Prions

14. Infection, Infectious Diseases, and Epidemiology

15. Innate Immunity

16. Adaptive Immunity

17. Immunization and Immune Testing

18. Immune Disorders

19. Pathogenic Gram-Positive Bacteria

20. Pathogenic Gram-Negative Cocci and Bacilli

21. Rickettsias, Chlamydias, Spirochetes, and Vibrios

22. Pathogenic Fungi

23. Parasitic Protozoa, Helminths, and Arthropod Vectors

24. Pathogenic DNA Viruses

25. Pathogenic RNA Viruses

26. Applied and Environmental Microbiology