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Health Psychology 11th ISE Shelly Taylor / Annette Stanton 9781260575392

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TITLE : Health Psychology Shelly Taylor / Annette Stanton

ISBN13 : 9781260575392  




Health Psychology, Eleventh Edition, provides a comprehensive, accessible, and engaging look into the field of health psychology. With a focus on the most current research related to stress, psychosocial issues, and chronic disorders, this edition covers both the scientific progress of health psychology, as well as its important real-life applications. Research is presented with practical stories, written so that any reader can quickly identify how best to lead a healthier life. Since 1986, Health Psychology has helped thousands of students learn how to identify and eliminate stress, maintain their health, and use technology to get the best care possible, and this edition is no exception.

Table of contents

Part 1 Introduction to Health Psychology

CHAPTER 1: What is Health Psychology?
CHAPTER 2: The Systems of the Body

Part 2 Health Behavior and Primary Prevention

CHAPTER 3: Health Behaviors
CHAPTER 4: Health-Promoting Behaviors
CHAPTER 5: Health-Compromising Behaviors

Part 3 Stress and Coping

CHAPTER 6: Stress
CHAPTER 7: Coping, Resilience, and Social Support

Part 4 Seeking and Using Health Care Services

CHAPTER 8: Using Health Services
CHAPTER 9: Patients, Providers, and Treatments
CHAPTER 10: The Management of Pain and Discomfort

Part 5 Management of Chronic and Terminal Health Disorders

CHAPTER 11: Management of Chronic Health Disorders
CHAPTER 12: Psychological Issues in Advancing and Terminal Illness
CHAPTER 13: Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes
CHAPTER 14: Psychoneuroimmunology and Immune-Related Disorders

Part 6 Toward the Future

CHAPTER 15: Health Psychology: Challenges for the Future