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Statistics for Business & Economics 14th GE James McClave / George Benson / Terry Sincich 9781292413396

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TITLE : Statistics for Business & Economics James McClave / George Benson / Terry Sincich

ISBN13 :9781292413396




Statistics for Business and Economics introduces statistics in the context of contemporary business. Emphasising statistical literacy in thinking, the text applies its concepts with real data and uses technology to develop a deeper conceptual understanding. Examples, activities, and case studies foster active learning in the classroom while emphasising intuitive concepts of probability and teaching students to make informed business decisions. The 14th Edition continues to highlight the importance of ethical behaviour in collecting, interpreting, and reporting on data, while also providing a wealth of new and updated exercises and case studies.

Table of contents

1. Statistics, Data, and Statistical Thinking
2. Methods for Describing Sets of Data
3. Probability
4. Random Variables and Probability Distributions
5. Sampling Distributions
6. Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Estimation with ConfidenceIntervals
7. Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Tests of Hypotheses
8. Inferences Based on Two Samples: Confidence Intervals and Testsof Hypotheses
9. Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance
10. Categorical Data Analysis
11. Simple Linear Regression
12. Multiple Regression and Model Building
13. Methods for Quality Improvement: Statistical Process Control(Available Online)
14. Time Series: Descriptive Analyses, Models, and Forecasting(Available Online)
15. Nonparametric Statistics (Available Online)

Appendix A: Summation Notation
Appendix B: Basic Counting Rules
Appendix C: Calculation Formulas for Analysis of Variance
C.1 Formulas for the Calculations in the Completely Randomized Design
C.2 Formulas for the Calculations in the Randomized Block Design
C.3 Formulas for the Calculations for a Two-Factor Factorial Experiment
C.4 Tukey's Multiple Comparisons Procedure (Equal Sample Sizes)
C.5 Bonferroni Multiple Comparisons Procedure (Pairwise Comparisons)
C.6 Scheffe's Multiple Comparisons Procedure (Pairwise Comparisons)
Appendix D: Tables
Answers to Selected Exercises