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9781292265032 Basic Business Statistics Brenson 14th GE

Basic Business Statistics Mark L Brenson / David M Levine 14th GE 9781292265032

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TITLE : Basic Business Statistics Mark L Brenson / David M Levine

ISBN13 : 9781292265032


EDITION : 14th Global Edition PAPERBACK

For one- or-two-semester courses in business statistics.

Give students the statistical foundation to hone their analysis skills for real-world decisions

Basic Business Statistics helps students see the essential role that statistics will play in their future careers by using examples drawn from all functional areas of real-world business. Guided by principles set forth by ASA’s Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction (GAISE) reports and the authors’ diverse teaching experiences, the text continues to innovate and improve the way this course is taught to students. The 14th Edition includes new and updated resources and tools to enhance students’ understanding, and provides the best framework for learning statistical concepts.

Table of Contents

1. Defining and Collecting Data

2. Organizing and Visualizing Variables

3. Numerical Descriptive Measures

4. Basic Probability

5. Discrete Probability Distributions

6. The Normal Distribution and Other Continuous Distributions

7. Sampling Distributions

8. Confidence Interval Estimation

9. Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests

10. Two-Sample Tests

11. Analysis of Variance

12. Chi-Square and Nonparametric Tests

13. Simple Linear Regression

14. Introduction to Multiple Regression

15. Multiple Regression Model Building

16. Time-Series Forecasting

17. Business Analytics

18. Getting Ready to Analyze Data in the Future

19. Statistical Applications in Quality Management (online)

20. Decision Making (online)