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Positive Psychology 4th ISE Shane Lopez / Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti 9781506389899

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TITLE : ISE Positive Psychology : The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths  - Shane Lopez /  Jennifer Teramoto

ISBN13 : 9781506389899




Positive Psychology offers a comprehensive coverage of the science and application of positive psychology, and presents new frameworks for understanding positive emotions and human strengths. The book brings the concept to life by tackling issues such as how positive psychology can help improve schooling and the workplace, as well as promote cooperative lifestyles among people.

Western and Eastern approaches to understanding human strengths are covered, along with the cultural and developmental influences on positive functioning.  The authors also explore various positive conditions such as happiness and well-being, along with other processes related to mindfulness, wisdom, courage, and spirituality.    

Table of Content

Part I: Looking at Psychology From a Positive Perspective

Welcome to Positive Psychology

Eastern and Western Perspectives on Positive Psychology: How "ME + WE = US" Might Bridge the Gap

Classifications and Measures of Strengths and Positive Outcomes


Part II: Positive Psychology in Context

 The Role of Culture in Developing Strengths and Living Well

 Living Well at Every Stage of Life


Part III: Positive Emotional States and Processes

The Principles of Pleasure: Understanding Positive Affect, Positive Emotions, Happiness, and Well-Being

Making the Most of Emotional Experiences: Emotion-Focused Coping, Emotional Intelligence, Socioemotional Selectivity, and Emotional Storytelling


Part IV: Positive Cognitive States and Processes

Seeing our Futures Through Self-Efficacy, Optimism, and Hope

Wisdom and Courage: Characteristics of the Wise and the Brave

Mindfulness, Flow, and Spirituality: In Search of Optimal Experiences

Part V: Prosocial Behavior

 Empathy and Egotism: Portals to Altruism, Gratitude, and Forgiveness

 Attachment, Love, Flourishing Relationships, and Forgiveness


Part VI: Understanding and Changing Human Behavior

Balanced Conceptualizations of Mental Health and Behavior

Preventing the Bad and Promoting the Good


Part VII: Positive Environments

Positive Schooling and Good Work: The Psychology of Gainful Employment and the Education That Gets Us There

Remembering Shane: Real Strengths in a Real Person