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Designing & Conducting Mixed Methods Research 3E ISE - Creswell 9781506386621

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TITLE : Designing & Conducting Mixed Methods Research 3E ISE - Creswell

ISBN13 : 9781506386621




Authors John W. Creswell and Vicki L. Plano Clark walk readers through the entire research process, from formulating questions to designing, collecting data, and interpreting results and include updated examples from published mixed methods studies drawn from the social, behavioural, health, and education disciplines.
New to the Third Edition is a focus now on three core mixed methods designs, plus their application (in a new Chapter 4) to four additional methodological approaches: intervention trials; case studies; participatory-social justice designs; and program evaluations. Also included is expanded discussion throughout on integration of quantitative and qualitative data and results; more attention to the use of theory in mixed methods research; discussion of current advances with mixed methods research and suggested techniques and strategies that might make a mixed methods study more sophisticated and state-of-the-art; and a new conclusion that pulls together the key elements of the core designs from the standpoint of incorporating all of the steps in the process of research: the final chapter now summarizes the entire process in one table.

Table of contents

The Nature of Mixed Methods Research
The Foundations of Mixed Methods Research
Core Mixed Methods Designs
Complex Applications of Core Mixed Methods Designs
Introducing a Mixed Methods Study
Collecting Data in Mixed Methods Research
Analyzing and Interpreting Data in Mixed Methods Research
Writing and Evaluating Mixed Methods Research
Advances in Mixed Methods Research