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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 4th GE Jonathan Berk / Peter DeMarzo 9781292215075

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TITLE : Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Jonathan Berk / Peter DeMarzo /  

ISBN13 : 9781292215075 




For undergraduate courses in corporate finance or financial management. Help students practice and connect to real-world financial decisions Fundamentals of Corporate Finance offers a practical introduction to modern-day core principles, arming students with a problem-solving methodology, real-life financial management practices, and an overarching valuation framework that they can apply in their future careers. Updated with new examples, exercises, and statistics, the 4th Edition gives students the opportunity to practice and apply course concepts, while connecting them to the latest financial issues and policy in today's world of business

Table of contents

PART 1: Introduction
1. Corporate Finance and the Financial Manager
2. Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
PART 2: Interest Rates and Valuing Cash Flows
3. Time Value of Money: An Introduction
4. Time Value of Money: Valuing Cash Flow Streams
5. Interest Rates
6. Bonds
7. Stock Valuation
PART 3: Valuation and the Firm
8. Investment Decision Rules
9. Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting
10. Stock Valuation: A Second Look
PART 4: Risk and Return
11. Risk and Return in Capital Markets
12. Systematic Risk and the Equity Risk Premium
13. The Cost of Capital
PART 5: Long-Term Financing
14. Raising Equity Capital
15. Debt Financing
PART 6: Capital Structure and Payout Policy
16. Capital Structure
17. Payout Policy
PART 7: Financial Planning and Forecasting
18. Financial Modeling and Pro Forma Analysis
19. Working Capital Management
20. Short-Term Financial Planning
PART 8: Special Topics
21. Option Applications and Corporate Finance
22. Mergers and Acquisitions
23. International Corporate Finance