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9781266188350 Accounting Infomation Systems Richardson 4th ISE

Accounting Information Systems Vernon Richardson / Janie Chang / Rodney Smith 4th ISE 9781266188350

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TITLE : Accounting Information Systems Vernon Richardson / Janie Chang / Rodney Smith

ISBN13 : 9781266188350


EDITION : 4th ISE Paperback


Accounting Information Systems 4e covers the four roles for accountants with respect to information technology: users of technology and information systems, managers of users of technology, designers of information systems,
and evaluators of information systems. Accountants must understand the organization and how organizational processes generate information important to management. The focus of Accounting Information Systems 4e is on the accountant's role as a business analyst in solving business problems by database modeling, database design, and business process modeling. Unlike other texts that provide a broad survey of AIS related topics, this text concentrates on developing practical business analysis skills through real-world examples, problems, and projects. Whether you are developing a new course for AIS or incorporating AIS materials into your existing curriculum, Accounting Information Systems 4e will help your students develop the technological skills they need for their future careers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Accounting Information Systems and Firm Value  
Chapter 2: Data Analytics: Addressing Accounting Questions with Data  
Chapter 3: Data Analytics: Data Visualizations 
Chapter 4: Accountants as Business Analysts  
Chapter 5: Data Modeling 
Chapter 6: Relational Databases and Enterprise Systems  
Chapter 7: Sales and Collections Business Process  
Chapter 8: Purchases and Payments Business Process 
Chapter 9: Conversion Business Process 
Chapter 10: Integrated Project  
Chapter 11: Accounting Information Systems and Internal Controls  
Chapter 12: Cybersecurity and Computer Fraud  
Chapter 13: Monitoring and Auditing AIS  
Chapter 14: Reporting Processes and eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Chapter 15: Emerging Technologies: Blockchain and AI Automation  
Chapter 16: The Balanced Scorecard, Business Model Canvas, and Business Value of Information Technology  
Chapter 17: Justifying and Planning IT Initiatives Using Project Management Techniques