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The Practice of Computing Using Python 3E GE William Punch / Richard Enbody 9781292166629

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TITLE : The Practice of Computing Using Python 3E GE William Punch / Richard Enbody

ISBN13 : 9781292166629




For courses in Python Programming Introduces Python programming with an emphasis on problem-solving Now in its Third Edition, Practice of Computing Using Python continues to introduce both majors and non-majors taking CS1 courses to computational thinking using Python, with a strong emphasis on problem solving through computer science. The authors have chosen Python for its simplicity, powerful built-in data structures, advanced control constructs, and practicality. The text is built from the ground up for Python programming, rather than having been translated from Java or C++. Focusing on data manipulation and analysis as a theme, the text allows students to work on real problems using Internet-sourced or self-generated data sets that represent their own work and interests. The authors also emphasize program development and provide both majors and non-majors with a practical foundation in programming that will be useful in their respective fields. Among other changes, the Third Edition incorporates a switch to the Anaconda distribution, the SPYDER IDE, and a focus on debugging and GUIs.


I. Thinking About Computing
0. The Study of Computer Science
II. Starting to Program
1. Beginnings
2. Control
3. Algorithms and Program Development
III. Data Structures and Functions
4. Working with Strings
5. Functions-QuickStart
6. Files and Exceptions I
7. Lists and Tuples
8. More on Functions
9. Dictionaries and Sets
10. More Program Development
IV. Classes, making your own Data Structure and Algorithms
12. More on Classes
13. Program Development with Classes
V. Being a better programmer
14. Files and Exceptions II
15. Recursion: Another Control Mechanism
16. Other Fun Stuff with Python
17. The End, or Perhaps the Beginning