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ISE Data Communications and Networking with TCP/IP Protocol Suite 6E Behrouz Forouzan 9781260597820

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TITLE : Data Communications and Networking with TCP/IP Protocol Suite - Behrouz Forouzan

ISBN13 : 9781260597820




Data Communications and Networking, 6th Edition, teaches the principles of networking using TCP/IP protocol suite. It employs a bottom-up approach where each layer in the TCP/IP protocol suite is built on the services provided by the layer below. This edition has undergone a major restructuring to reduce the number of chapters and focus on the organization of TCP/IP protocol suite. It concludes with three chapters that explore multimedia, network management, and cryptography/network security. Technologies related to data communications and networking are among the fastest growing in our culture today, and there is no better guide to this rapidly expanding field than Data Communications and Networking 

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Physical Layer
Chapter 3: Data-Link Layer
Chapter 4: Local Area Networks: LANs
Chapter 5: Wide Area Networks: WANs
Chapter 6: Connecting Devices and Virtual LANs
Chapter 7: Network Layer: Data Transfer
Chapter 8: Network Layer: Routing of Packets
Chapter 9: Transport Layer
Chapter 10: Application Layer
Chapter 11: Multimedia
Chapter 12: Network Management
Chapter 13: Cryptography and Network Security


Appendix A Unicode

Appendix B Positional Numbering System

Appendix C HTML, CSS, XML and XSL

Appendix D A Touch of Probability

Appendix E Checksum

Appendix F Acronyms