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[U] Mechanics Of Materials 8E SI UNITS - Ferdinand Beer / Russell Johnston 9789813158979

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TITLE : Mechanics Of Materials 8E SI UNITS - Ferdinand P Beer / Russell Johnston / John T DeWolf / David Mazurek / Sanjeev Sanghi 

ISBN13 : 9789813158979 




Mechanics of Materials provides a precise presentation of subjects illustrated with numerous engineering examples that students both understand and relate to theory and application. The tried and true methodology for presenting material gives students the best opportunity to succeed in this course. From the detailed examples to the homework problems to the carefully developed solutions manual instructors and students can be confident the material is clearly explained and accurately represented. McGraw Hill Education's Connect is also available as an optional add on item. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need when they need it how they need it so that class time is more effective. Connect allows the professor to assign homework quizzes and tests easily and automatically grades and records the scores of the student's work. Problems are randomized to prevent sharing of answers an may also have a "multi-step solution" which helps move the students' learning along if they experience difficulty.


1) Introduction-Concept of Stress

2) Stress and Strain- Axial Loading

3) Torsion

4) Pure Bending

5) Analysis and Design of Beams for Bending

6) Shearing Stresses in Beams and Thin-Walled Members

7) Transformations of Stress and Strain

8) Principal Stresses Under a Given Loading

9) Deflection of Beams

10) Columns

11) Energy Methods


A - Principal Units Use din Mechanics

B - Centroids and Moments of Areas

C - Centroids and Moments of Inertia of Common Geometric Shapes

D - Typical Properties of Selected Materials Used in Engineering

E - Properties of Rolled-Steel Shapes

F - Beam Deflections and Slopes

G - Fundamentals of Engineering Examination