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ISE Fundamentals of Structural Analysis 6E Kenneth Leet / Chia Ming Uang 9781260570441

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TITLE : Fundamentals of Structural Analysis - Kenneth Leet / Chia Ming Uang / Joel Lanning

ISBN13 : 9781260570441




Fundamentals of Structural Analysis introduces to engineering and architecture students a range of techniques for analyzing structures, from classical methods to matrix analysis upon which modern computer analysis is based. After an introduction to design loads, a thoughtful review of prerequisite skills in statics for analyzing statically determinate structures is presented. Methods for computing deflections then pave the way for classical methods of analyzing indeterminate structures-the flexibility, slope-deflection, and moment distribution methods. Approximate analysis techniques useful for practical design are then presented. For application to bridge-type structures with moving loads, the concept of influence lines is also covered. Finally, the stiffness method is introduced and extended upon in the direct stiffness method using matrix analysis. Throughout, carefully drawn figures, helpful insights, and practical examples and problems are presented to make this text a useful guide for students (and practitioners) to learn the essential skills for analyzing structures. 

Table of contents

1) Introduction

2) Design Loads and Structural Framing

3) Statics of Structures-Reactions

4) Trusses

5) Beams and Frames

6) Cables and Arches

7) Deflections of Beams and Frames

8) Work-Energy Methods for Computing Deflections

9) Analysis of Indeterminate Structures by the Flexibility Method

10) Analysis of Indeterminate Beams and Frames by the Slope-Deflection Method

11) Analysis of Indeterminate Beams and Frames by the Moment Distribution Method

12) Influence Lines for Moving Loads

13) Approximate Analysis of Indeterminate Structures

14) Introduction to the General Stiffness Method

15) Matrix Analysis of Trusses by the Direct Stiffness Method

16) Matrix Analysis of Beams and Frames by the Direct Stiffness Method