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Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering 6th ISE William Smith / Javad Hashemi 9781260092035

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TITLE : Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering William Smith / Javad Hashemi

ISBN13 : 9781260092035  




To prepare materials engineers and scientists of the future, Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering, Sixth Edition is designed to present diverse topics in the field with appropriate breadth and depth. The strength of the book is in its balanced presentation of concepts in science of materials (basic knowledge) and engineering of materials (applied knowledge). The basic and applied concepts are integrated through concise textual explanations, relevant and stimulating imagery, detailed sample problems, electronic supplements, and homework problems. This textbook is therefore suitable for both an introductory course in materials at the sophomore level and a more advanced (junior/senior level) second course in materials science and engineering.

Table of contents

1 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
2 Atomic Structure and Bonding
3 Crystal and Amorphous Structures in Materials
4 Solidification, Crystalline Imperfections
5 Thermally Activated Processes and Diffusion in Solids
6 Mechanical Properties of Metals I
7 Mechanical Properties of Metals II
8 Phase Diagrams
9 Engineering Alloys
10 Polymeric Materials
11 Ceramics
12 Composite Materials
13 Corrosion
14 Electrical Properties of Materials
15 Optical Properties and Superconductive Materials
16 Magnetic Properties
17 Biological and Biomaterials